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If you are looking for a hotel, you will most likely pick a hotel based on the star rating and price. The star rating changes based on where you’re looking. Most identify based on the number of amenities and services provided. In other words, more features mean a higher star rating but this does not give a feel for the hotel. The star rating serves as a good measure of consistency because it shows that all branches of the hotel offer the same level of amenities and service, but not necessarily of the quality itself.  The ratings system for hotels is not an accurate enough measurement of the quality of hotel service.

What defines a hotel as a good hotel? Here are the basic things:

  • Comfy mattress
  • Clean sheets
  • Space (not cramped)
  • View
  • Functional Bathroom
  • Amenities
  • Room service
  • Lighting
  • Reception
  • Breakfast options

As you go higher up in the ratings, the number and quality of these basic things go up. With luxury hotels, they provide everything you need without needing to step out of the door and even go a step further to ensure that you are attended to all your needs (even the ones you do not ask for).

A Marriott in one place isn’t the same as a Marriott in another. So, I have put together a list of the best hotel in each of the locations listed and why they are so.

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